Grampa’s Birthday and My New Blog

Hello World! (I always hated writing those Hello World programs in my programming classes back in the day) So this is my first blog post and I figured it only appropriate to write about the most recent happening.

Well my Grampa turned 75 this past Monday. My family decided to celebrate with a nice family dinner at my Aunt’s house. Naturally, I volunteered to make the cake. I mulled over what to make for weeks. I consulted my Mom about it and she thought German Chocolate might be nice. I still thought about it for awhile and finally decided it was the way to go. Not being an expert on German Chocolate Cake I consulted my current go-to spot for baking recipes. The Joy of Baking website. They always seem to have a basic recipe for exactly what I need. I used this recipe with very few tweaks.

I decided to go with a caramel filling. I made that by microwaving sweetened condensed milk until it was thick and caramelized. This would also be a good time to mention that it took three tries to make this filling… apparently the first microwave I tried was entirely way too powerful and burned the caramel twice! Finally I used a slightly less powerful microwave (which I affectionately refer to as “piece of sh*t”). I’m surprised my friend who was helping me out that night didn’t kill me during this process. That didn’t happen and I finally got the filling done. I mixed in some toasted coconut and pecans and bam filling done!

The frosting, I changed that too. I made some bittersweet chocolate ganache, let it cool and then whipped it up into a nice smooth frosting.

I decided to make some roses for the top using modeling chocolate. This is the first time I have ever worked with it and I have to say it was quite easy. Mine came out a bit sticky but sticking it in the fridge over freezer for a few mins solved that temporarily. This is a great tutorial for the first timer! Overall I would the say the results were pretty fabulous! 🙂

German Chocolate Cake

chocolate roses

chocolate rosebud

Grampa and everyone else at dinner loved the cake, I paired it with some Coconut Saffron ice cream. I used David Lebovitz’s recipe. I made two modifications, I added some homemade vanilla extract and some rum flavoring. That’s it! I don’t have pics of it but I will definitely make it again!

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