Sweet 16

Though it was only 9 years ago I barely remember turning 16. Looking back though, you couldn’t pay me to go back. Not that 16 was a terrible age, I just have no desire to repeat all of the life lessons I have learned since then. I will stick with 25, thank you!

I was asked to make a cake for a 16th birthday party, the only stipulations I was given were: no chocolate (this is impossible for me to grasp… who doesn’t like chocolate?!) and blue must appear somewhere on the cake. Other than that I had free reign. Being that the only really good that happens when you turn 16 is that you can legally drive, I chose to focus on that for the cake.

This was the outcome:
16th bday cake
It was a big hit with everyone, except the father of the 16 year old… he loved the cake but wasn’t a huge fan of the cars. I told him they could be easily removed and all was well again. My fault for not showing him the design first but I like to surprise my clients whenever possible. I prefer honest reactions as they help me build a tough skin and improve my decorating abilities.

On a completely different note… I only have 6 weeks of my first semester of culinary school left!!! How did that happen?! I feel like I just started! On the schedule for next semester is Cakes and Decorating, Dining Room Management and Food Prep 2. Going to be a very busy and tiring semester but I am oh so excited to start!!!! 🙂 Pie test on Wednesday, let’s hope for another perfect score!

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