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Have you ever…

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Wanted to make something, you weren’t sure what so you looked around the kitchen/pantry/fridge until you found some things that miiight work well together? Well that was me tonight. What did i find? Butter, peaches and basil. Each ingredient had a reason behind it… butter, well that’s a given, it makes everything better! Peaches, I had high hopes for them but they just weren’t ripe enough for me to want to eat, cooking was the only option. Basil… starting to dry out just a bit.

Now what can I turn these into?! Cupcakes obviously…

Butter cake, not just any butter cake though, butter cake with some white chocolate subbed for butter. It’s amazing creamy dreamy goodness melts much faster than butter thus giving the cake a texture unlike any other. Thank you Rose Beranbaum for teaching me this! For the frosting? Peach basil buttercream… Confession I broke one of my own rules tonight and used half butter, half shortening. I just didn’t want to overwhelm the texture and flavor of the cake with a pure butter buttercream.  I decided to cook the peaches in some honey to give the frosting that tangy slightly acidic pop that many buttercreams are missing. WORTH IT!!  Finally I minced some basil and added that to frosting at the very end, so as not to crush it and turn the frosting some odd shade of green.

The result?!

So cute and tasty!