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Switching focus

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

After some prompting from the boyfriend I’ve decided that I’m going to take up food blogging. I think it will be fun and fitting for me as I love food and cooking and baking but also, memories. For me that’s part of what food is all about. Boyfriend and I have a manila folder of recipes, every time we go through it it’s like strolling down memory lane, from the first meal he cooked for me, to birthday dinner and just random week night trial recipes and techniques, it’s all there. Each recipe represents a span of time we’ve spent cooking, eating and enjoying life together. Food is a pretty big part of my life and my relationship, I’m looking forward to having a space to document it all!

Coming up this week, Commercial Baking class, International Pastry class and a special Valentine surprise on Friday!


Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Spent the day in Saratoga!


(thanks to All Over Albany for the pic as I forgot to take one)

Oh the Doughboy, how I love you! Doesn’t look too amazing but let me tell ya… these puppies are awesome. Three cheeses, chicken and scallions blended together and cooked in pizza dough…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Typically they are something you consume after a full night of drinking but even when you are stone sober they are fabulous. Esperanto in Saratoga NY is the place to get em! Located on Caroline St, the ever famous party street, Esperanto is perfectly situated.

Espresso Cupcake

Chocolate Espresso Cupcake (chocolate cake drenched in ganache)

Cookie Dough Cupcake

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake (vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and a ball of cookie in the middle!)

After the Doughboy a trip to the newly opened Bettie’s Cakes was in order. We walked in to a super retro looking cupcake bakery complete with sexy ladies in dresses, high heels and pearls. Loved it! Their cupcakes and beverages come in “cup” sizes. A is the smallest, B is medium, and C is large. CLEVER! The cupcakes and coffee were definitely worth the trip and I will be back soon!!

Also noteworthy was the trip to Putnam Market, that place always amazes me. So many hard to find wonderfully tantalizing treats! Today I purchased, date rolls which were topped with an almond and rolled in coconut, delicious! I also found some chocolate with bacon, which I bought as a Christmas present for one of my bacon loving friends. And some sour cherry jam for my dad, he loves the stuff!

All in all a very successful and fun day!

Sweet 16

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Though it was only 9 years ago I barely remember turning 16. Looking back though, you couldn’t pay me to go back. Not that 16 was a terrible age, I just have no desire to repeat all of the life lessons I have learned since then. I will stick with 25, thank you!

I was asked to make a cake for a 16th birthday party, the only stipulations I was given were: no chocolate (this is impossible for me to grasp… who doesn’t like chocolate?!) and blue must appear somewhere on the cake. Other than that I had free reign. Being that the only really good that happens when you turn 16 is that you can legally drive, I chose to focus on that for the cake.

This was the outcome:
16th bday cake
It was a big hit with everyone, except the father of the 16 year old… he loved the cake but wasn’t a huge fan of the cars. I told him they could be easily removed and all was well again. My fault for not showing him the design first but I like to surprise my clients whenever possible. I prefer honest reactions as they help me build a tough skin and improve my decorating abilities.

On a completely different note… I only have 6 weeks of my first semester of culinary school left!!! How did that happen?! I feel like I just started! On the schedule for next semester is Cakes and Decorating, Dining Room Management and Food Prep 2. Going to be a very busy and tiring semester but I am oh so excited to start!!!! 🙂 Pie test on Wednesday, let’s hope for another perfect score!